About Us

Who we are?

  iBrain is an international software development nearshoring and consulting company.

It has been in the market since more than 20 years and it continuously growing in terms of revenue, employee count, and level of expertise. Because of our distinctive engagement model, we have become a valued partner for companies in financial, logistics, energy, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing.

Our slogan is “Promising the possible, delivering even more!”.

Our top priority is to provide professional services that exceed the expectations of what our clients imagine could be possible with offsite teams.

Teamwork is one of our core capabilities both between iBrain engineers and between iBrain and our client.

We select, develop and empower individuals with strong talent, great attitude, energy, and ensure that they will always work well within a team.

Company is based in Vienna, Austria (EU), and our partners are in ME Asia and Africa.

We enable seamless team extension by mirroring the processes and development environments of our demanding clients. Our global team of over 150 engineers are adept in all major technology platforms and possess unique development skills, domain knowledge and real-world experience.

Today, our business continues to expand rapidly. We maintain 100% reference ability by meeting and often exceeding our clients’ high level of expectations.

We are proud to work with companies that are among leading global companies in their industries.

We help them innovate through software and achieve often very ambitious growth targets.

Since we are also very successful and dynamic company, we can easier understand what drives our customers.

We share same passion and values. Our customers recognize us as reliable, long term partner that provides top quality service.